My Essentials Oils' Top Priority is to Support You in Managing Emotional Stress + Physical Pain


Hi, I'm Em - it's great to have you here visiting my little corner of the world!

My Essentials Oils is a female founded retail brand, as part of the Getting Well With Em health and wellness business.  My Essentials Oils is a range of certified organic, pure or 100% natural essential oil blends, single oils and complimentary products. 

It was formed from an idea that I had during my 11 weeks of lockdown when Covid-19 hit Australia in March 2020. 

Because I had been a Remedial Massage Therapist for the past 10 years, and now suddenly found myself temporarily not allowed to work (as per government rules), I set out to develop products to help support my clients while they were unable to see me during lockdown.

My Essentials Oils was born, and today my products not only continue to help my massage clients, but support customers Australia-wide in feeling both emotionally and physically balanced. My Essentials Oils' top priority is to support customers in managing their emotional stress and physical pain. 


The My Essentials Oils Range

My Essentials Oils range consists of products that focus on supporting symptoms associated with respiratory (sinus/head colds) muscle aches, pains, headaches, joint inflammation, and, to also give emotional support: such as helping to support symptoms associated with feelings of grief, anger, stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

All My Essentials Oils can all be used both topically (diluted with a carrier oil and rubbed into your skin) and in a diffuser to bring a beautiful aroma throughout your bedroom, living area or workspace. 

If you are looking to get in touch with me to become a retailer of these products, to add to your subscription box, or have any questions with the products, please get in touch by emailing me at:

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